US Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Selected Reports

Short Term Energy Outlook - "Monthly, quarterly, and annual energy projections out to 2020." (Updated monthly)

Annual Energy Outlook - "Annual energy projections out to 2050." (Updated annually)

International Energy Outlook - "International energy projections out to 2040" (Updated annually)

Country Energy Analysis Reports - "Includes country-level data, charts, and Country Analysis Briefs" (Updated periodically)

Market Prices and Uncertainty Report - "This monthly supplement to the Short-Term Energy Outlook addresses price volatility and forecast uncertainty for crude oil and natural gas." (Updated monthly)

This Week in Petroleum - "Weekly prices & analytical summary of the petroleum industry." (Updated weekly)

Weekly Petroleum Status Report - "Weekly petroleum prices, production, and stocks data." (Updated weekly)

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update - "Weekly prices & analytical summary of the petroleum industry." (Updated weekly)

Petroleum Imports - Import updated sorted by country and company. (Updated monthly)

Weekly Natural Gas Storage - "Working natural gas stocks in underground storage." (Updated weekly)

Natural Gas Weekly Update - "Weekly prices & analytical summary of the natural gas industry." (Updated weekly)

Weekly Coal Production - "Weekly production estimates by region and state." (Updated weekly)

Quarterly Coal Report - "Production, imports, exports, stocks & consumption data and analysis." (Updated quarterly)

Electric Power Monthly - "Monthly summary of electric power generation and capacity." (Updated monthly)

Electricity Monthly Update - "Provides monthly analysis and highlights of the electric power data." (Updated monthly)

State of US Nuclear Outages - "Daily statistics on nuclear capacity by plant." (Updated daily)

Domestic Uranium Production Report - "Information on uranium production and the number of producing facilities." (Updated quarterly)

Residential Energy Consumption Survey - "Household end-use consumption of energy and expenditures." (Updated periodically)

Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey - "End-use consumption of energy and expenditures in commercial buildings." (Updated periodically)

Other Reports

Congressional and Other Requests - Requested analysis of energy-related issues & proposed legislation.

Monthly Energy Review - Latest monthly data all in one place.

Working Papers - Preliminary staff papers for stimulating discussion and critical comment.

Upcoming Reports - Future reports scheduled for release.


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