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S&P Global - Publications under the "Research & Insights" section cover various geographic regions and various topics with an emphasis on credit and debt. (Updates periodically)

S&P Global Ratings - Publications are broken down into sectors and feature research on credit and debt trends in corporate ratings. (Updated periodically)

S&P Market Intelligence - "Our veteran editorial staff combines deep sector expertise with global breadth of coverage, equipping you with the information edge you need to stay ahead." (Updated periodically)

S&P Dow Jones Index Finder - Features various indices created by S&P to track different markets and different market segments. Search by asset class, theme, market type, geography, sector, size, and currency. 12-month performance data is available for download. (Updated periodically)

S&P Index Literacy - A guide for investors to understand how an index is made and what it is used for. This short explanation is mostly for those with beginner and intermediate finance knowledge. (Updated periodically)

S&P Index Research & Education - A compilation of research and analysis, market commentary, and instructive pieces about S&P-offered-indices. The research also includes the SPIVA reports which explore the debate between active and passive investing in different index families. (Updated periodically)

S&P Global Platts - S&P research and market insights on energy and commodities. (Updated periodically)


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