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Weekly Macro and Markets View - Swiss and international commentary on macro themes and markets including a section on what to watch for in the upcoming week. (Weekly)

Monthly Investment Insights - Monthly investment themes that shape Zurich Insurance's investment outlook in the short to medium term.` (Monthly)

Inflation Focus - Zurich's view both on global inflation trends and on individual countries' inflation prospects. (Quarterly)

Topical Thoughts - Investigative research on specific issues that affect the business environment, with expert thoughts and opinions provided on an ad hoc basis (N/A)

Economic and Market Outlook - Reference document with a 12 month outlook. It provides the foundations for a "One Zurich" view on global macroeconomics and prospects for financial markets. A short video accompanies this publication. (Annually)

Mid Year Update - Update on the Economic & Market Outlook is provided, gauging developments and projecting how the subsequent 12 months are likely to unfold. (Annually)

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