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Assessment of Native American Housing Needs - HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research is managing a Congressionally mandated study of the housing needs of Native Americans, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians. (N/A)

Policy Development and Research Projects - In HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R), the mission is to provide reliable and objective housing research and market data to constituents, as well as skilled analysis that assists HUD's leadership in making informed policy decisions. The report focuses on finding definitive answers to questions about what programs work and how they can be made to work better, through quick-turnaround studies and conferences, as well as through long-term evaluations that systematically measure performance outcomes and suggest possible cost-effective enhancements. (N/A)

HUD Periodicals - HUD publishes a series of periodicals — Cityscape, Evidence Matters, The Edge, and Insights — that support PD&R’s mission to provide reliable information to researchers, practitioners, advocates, industry groups, foundations, and the general public. All periodicals are free of cost to the public. Cityscape and Evidence Matters are accessible online and also available in print. The Edge is an online magazine and Insights is available online only. (N/A)

HUD Publications - HUD makes available printed and electronic copies of published HUD research. Primarily sponsored by HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research, these reports, executive summaries, case studies, and guidebooks span the fields of housing and urban development and are available as free downloads. Most reports can also be ordered in hard copy from the HUD User Web Store. (N/A)

HUD Case Studies - HUD publishes a series of case studies based on federal, state and local strategies that increase affordable housing opportunities, apply sustainable features and practices, and increase access to public transportation. The projects featured in these reports have demonstrated innovation through a multitude of partnerships and initiatives. Each report outlines a project’s objectives and the development strategies used to achieve them. (N/A)

US Housing Market Conditions - The USHMC website contains all the national, regional, state, metropolitan, and local data and analysis in one location. You may search by geography to obtain all the reports available for a particular area. Alternatively, you may search by the type of report. Each report contains different levels of data and/or analysis including a quarterly report, a monthly indicator report, quarterly economy and market briefings, and regional/local data and analysis. (N/A)

HUD Datasets - HUD provides interested researchers with access to the original data sets generated by PD&R-sponsored data collection efforts, including the American Housing Survey, median family incomes and income limits, as well as microdata from research initiatives on topics such as housing discrimination, the HUD-insured multifamily housing stock, and the public housing population. The dataset update schedule is available. (N/A)

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