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Key Issues - Key issues identified by CaixaBank Research as specific points of interest. Includes various types of information underneath each key issue. Key issues tend to focus on big-picture trends within a single economy. (N/A)

Monthly Report - Monthly economic report on various topics. Includes research on global markets and macroeconomic. Report is in a dossier format including shorter research papers and technical articles. (Monthly)

Economic Papers - Various full-length reports on economic topics. Library includes reports from more than 5 years ago. (N/A)

Academic Papers - Research from CaixaBank Research that has been published in various peer-reviewed journals. (N/A)

Index for Internationalization - The CaixaBank Index for Business Internationalization (ICIE) analyzes the main factors that determine the decision of Spanish companies to internationalize in a certain country. The CIBI is built on five pillars that cover the key aspects of the internationalisation process and that make it possible to assess each trade partner’s strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of Spanish companies. (N/A)

Indicators and Forecasts - Projections of GDP Growth, Inflation, and Interest Rates for the major economies of the world. Data is accessible through excel download and also includes historical numbers (N/A)

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