World Bank

The World Bank Group supplies over 20,000 publications separated in over 500 sub-collections of reports. Through the Open Knowledge Repository, users can browse the selection and find various data points and analysis. The selected reports below are some of the organization's major publications:

Global Economic Prospects - The Global Economic Prospects reports on growth prospects in different regions of the world. Estimates and historical GDP figures are provided as well as two special topical sections. (New reports twice a year)

World Development Report - Each year, researchers at the World Bank write on a current trend driving global economic growth and development. The report provides extensive data and analysis on the topic which has global relevance. (New reports annually)

Doing Business Report - “The Doing Business report series includes annual reports going back to 2004, a wide variety of subnational studies, and a number of special reports dealing with regions or topics.” (New reports annually and other regional case studies)

World Development Indicators - “The primary World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially-recognized international sources. It presents the most current and accurate global development data available, and includes national, regional and global estimates.” (New reports annually)

International Debt Statistics - “Focuses on financial flows, trends in external debt, and other major financial indicators for developing and advanced economies (data from Quarterly External Debt Statistics and Quarterly Public Sector Debt databases). Includes over 200 time series indicators from 1970 to 2014, for most reporting countries, and pipeline data for scheduled debt service payments on existing commitments to 2022.” (New reports annually)

Global Financial Development Report - “The Global Financial Development Report is a World Bank series. It provides a unique contribution to financial sector policy debates, building on novel data, surveys, research, and wide-ranging country experience, with emphasis on emerging markets and developing economies. The report’s findings and policy recommendations are relevant for policymakers; staff of central banks, ministries of finance, and financial regulation agencies; nongovernmental organizations and donors; academics and other researchers and analysts; and members of the finance and development community.” (New reports annually)


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