Wells Fargo

Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary - “Insight into current U.S. and international events that affect the economy and financial markets.” (Updated weekly)

Monthly Economic Outlook - “Commentary and forecast tables on U.S. and international economic conditions.” (Updated monthly)
Annual Economic Outlook - Outlook on the economy and financial markets for the current year. Includes webcast presentation, report, and video. (Updated annually)
Economic Indicators Reports - “Concise analysis of U.S. economic indicators as they are released by the federal government and private organizations.” (Updated periodically)
U.S. Economic Forecast - Wells Fargo’s forecast of 48 different economic indicators. (Updated quarterly)

International Economics Reports - “Economic developments around the world and their impact on the financial markets.” (Updates periodically)
Regional Economic Reports - “Economic analysis of several regions in the U.S., with a focus on state economic output, employment, and outlook projections.” (Updates periodically)
Real Estate and Housing Reports - “Developments and economic trends in commercial real estate and the housing market.” (Updates periodically)
Interest Rate Reports - “Commentary on the economy as it relates to interest rates.” (Updates weekly)
Construction Industry Forecast - “Construction Industry Forecast summarizes the findings from a nationwide survey of construction executives.” (Updates annually)
Food for Thought - Collection of research and articles on food and agribusiness. Includes a monthly industry analysis and an update on government activities that affect the industry. (Updated periodically and monthly)
Prime Services White Papers - Information on Wells Fargo’s prime brokerage services including regulations and operational issue. (Updated periodically)
Retirement Perspectives - Various reports on “on the ever-changing retirement plan marketplace.” The two major reports being the annual “Retirement Study” and “Investor and Retirement Optimism Index.” (Updated annually and quarterly)
Global Insights - Collection of “resources and insights” addressing global issues and economics. Includes “Economic Reports” on countries outside of the United States. (Updated periodically)
International Business Indicator Report - Annual publication outlining global business indicators and what they mean for economic sentiment. (Updated annually)
Risk Management Practices Survey - Survey of “companies that have locations in the United States and have international operations and locations.” (Updated biennially)


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