RBC Capital Markets

Thought Leadership - “The latest views on timely issues and events from our economists and market experts. With over 300 researchers, strategists and economists, we bring clients a unique vantage point on today’s capital markets and global economies.”

Financial Market Reports - Mixture of short-term and intermediate-term financial market updates. Includes updates on central banks, foreign exchange, and interest rates. (Updated daily, weekly, and monthly)

Quarterly Economic Update - “An in-depth analysis of the key drivers of economic activity in Canada and the US including a discussion of global factors that will affect these near-term forecasts.” (Updated quarterly)

Provincial Economic Forecasts - “Current trend tracking and forecasts for each (Canadian) provincial economy.” (Updated monthly)

Canadian Housing Reports - “Analysis of national and provincial trends in housing affordability and developments in major metropolitan housing markets.” (Updated periodically)

Canadian Fiscal Reports - “Latest government budgets and analytical commentary on fiscal policy directions.” (Updated periodically)

Current Analysis - “In-depth reports on key current economic issues and events of importance for Canada, the United States and some international economies.” (Updated periodically)

Econoscope - “Monthly summary highlights from RBC Economics including current trends, financial markets and forecasts.” (Updated monthly)

General Economic Research - Up-to-date economic analyses posted in different time frames. Listed below. (Updated periodically)
          Economic Update
          Latest Reports
          Current Trends Update
          Interest Rate Updates
          Canadian Daily Update
          U.S. Daily Update
          This Week’s Economic Indicators


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