National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

Public Use Data - Data from various NBER research that is available for public use. Data topics vary from macro data to demographic data. Most authors and papers are associated with the NBER research program. Formats vary by source. (Updated periodically)

Economic Indicators and Releases - Collection of economic indicators and releases from various sources. Each release has their own home sources, archives, and schedules. The list is typically ordered from nearest update to farthest. The page also has an RSS feed feature in XML format. (Updates periodically)

Economic Report of the President (URL year might need to change to stay current) - Economic report prepared by the President of the United States and the Council of Economic Advisers. Includes comprehensive discussion on various policies and economic indicators. (Updates annually)

Current Population Survey Data - “The CPS is the U.S. Government's monthly survey of unemployment and labor force participation. The BLS maintains a CPS Home Page with a great deal of information about the survey and access to downloads of recent data. The NBER maintains an extensive collection of historical CPS public use tapes for its research staff. All of the data is available for download.” (Updated periodically)

Other Publications - The NBER hosts research papers on a very wide range of topics. Some of these papers can be accessed for free, but most must be purchased (some are cheap). You can access different topics and projects on the left-hand sidebar on the Activities and Themes in NBER Research tabs.


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