Mizuho Bank

Market Outlook - Two monthly forex outlooks are updated here, “Mizuho Dealer’s Eye” and “Forex Medium-Term Outlook.” The first report focuses on short-term opinions from specific commentators. The second report is a more general discussion of factors impacting the forex markets in the medium term. (Updated periodically)

Information and Reports on China - “Utilizing its extensive network of offices in China, Mizuho sends out business, market and economic information. Furthermore, Mizuho is realizing a diverse range of RMB settlement solutions and offers a wide array of services and support.” (Updates periodically)

Economic Reports - Various economic reports that center on different topics including the global economy, financial markets, and policymaking. Japan tends to be the focus as it is Mizuho’s home, but other developed countries are represented. Separated into the following sub-sections: Mizuho Economic Outlook & Analysis, MHRI Brief, Market Insight, Monthly Economic Report, and Mizuho Research Paper. (Updated periodically)


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