Global CIO Outlook - Guggenheim’s Global Chief Investment Officer Scott Minerd highlights “macro themes” for the upcoming year. This page also includes insightful articles about emerging market issues containing analysis with charts. (Updated periodically)

Macroeconomic and Investment Research - “Our Macroeconomic and Investment Research Team analyzes a wide range of economic data and market behavior to synthesize the implications for investors and the potential direction of policy and markets.” Includes reports that come out quarterly and monthly on specific market segments. (Updated periodically)

Portfolio Strategy - “Our award-winning fixed-income investment team reports on portfolio management and asset allocation strategies to navigate markets with the goal of maximizing risk-adjusted returns.” (Updated periodically)

Sector Views - “Our Sector Team leaders share perspectives on performance characteristics, opportunities, and risks across a broad range of fixed-income asset classes.” (Updated periodically)

Video Library - “Guggenheim Investments professionals regularly provide video market analysis through a wide range of media platforms and outlets.” (Updates periodically)


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