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Update on the Belt and Road Initiative

In April 2019, China's brought together representatives of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) economies to revamp the project that is now about six years old. President Xi Jinping continued to assert his willingness and desire to cooperate with his neighbors and even beyond. The Economist Corporate Network (ECN) reported on recent updates with interviews from nine key individuals affected by the BRI. At the time of the meeting, over 130 countries have signed BRI agreements with China including some all the way in Central America. Although, that doesn't fully encompass the economic span of the project as Western countries, like the UK,  who haven't committed are considering "third-country co-operation" agreements in an effort to maintain a good relationship with the network which is looking massive already. Indeed, the BRI includes economies with the largest prospects for growth. In total, the core BRI countries include "50 percent of the world