Introducing Black Gold Disease: Predictions

Black Gold Disease is beginning its journey into the world of prediction where mathematical models and precognitive ability are often mistaken for each other. Most articles on this blog have addressed the current economic or financial situation of an entity with suggestions of what the future could look like. The BGD: Predictions page will focus on something different with a different structure and purpose. A visitor there will see a long list of links that connect to predictive tools along with explanations of each. The information found on those links will be open for anyone to use with downloadable Excel spreadsheets a goal for the future. Currently, only two links are listed (Deviation Moving Average), but more indicators and models will be uploaded over time. 

I ask everyone who reads my blog to at least come check out those tools to support the blog and the information it offers. Getting feedback and traffic are what keeps the additions coming. Any interest in collaborating or adding to this or the Predictions page will be welcomed. Just send me a message or comment on any post so far. This blog has come so far already, and I can't wait to see it grow more. 

I'll also be starting an internship at the Borgen Project as a writer for their blog. In addition to writing, a fundraising goal of $500 has been set for me personally. So please, if there's any way to support, come donate at the link below and list me as the inter you're supporting.

Jacob Hess


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