Welcome New Political Commentary!

Hello and welcome to a great and glorious expansion to the Black Gold Disease family. While I never thought I'd get into the M&A business (I am just a blog after all), there will be the addition of another stream of analytic writing connected to this website. As I focus on finance and energy articles, this other blog will provide political commentary for those who wish to read comments about current political events. I will continue to author posts on this page, and nothing will change here, but just above the moving ticker, a tab will be created to create a link to the new political blog. Currently, it is named "Politics" (not a very clever name), but it will be adjusted as the author begins to settle in. The new resident analyst will be John Learn, a good friend of mine that wants to pursue a career in political science and a fellow writer who loves to speak his mind. I hope that you will click on the new tab as his stream begins to take shape. From time to time, we hope to co-author some articles together, so as the finance topics continue, please be (at the very least) tolerable of some diverse topics, as you often have already been. All in all, I hope that our writing and this website and all of its content serves as a successful knowledge base that promotes intellectualism and a good, critical thinking mind. Thank you for all readers who have continued to digest my ideas. You all have been a great inspiration for my dedication! Both John and I hope that we continue to entertain those visiting as well as the audience that we have the potential to reach.

Happy reading,
Jacob Hess