Earnings and Indicator Estimates: 04/10/2019

The latest estimates for earnings and economic indicators on April 10th, 2019:

Ticker Wall Street (EPS) MTSI Estimate (EPS) Release Actual
AAC -0.18 -0.17 4/10 BMO
MSM 1.26 1.27 4/10 BMO 1.24
DAL 0.87 0.89 4/10 BMO 0.96
BBBY 1.11 1.09 4/10 AMC
Indicator Consensus MTSI Estimate Release Actual
Euro Area Interest Rate 0.00% 4/10, 7:45 am 0.00%
Brazil Inflation Rate 3.9% 4/10, 8:00 am 4.58%
US Core CPI 0.1% 4/10, 8:30 am 0.1%
US CPI 0.2% 4/10 8:30 am 0.4%
US Change in Crude Oil Inventory -100K 4/10, 10:30 am +7,029K
China Inflation Rate 1.4% 4/10, 9:30 pm

Some important indicators for monetary policymakers tomorrow. With growth appearing to slow, it's likely that the EU will stand pat tommorrow with benchmark interest rates at 0.0% looking to remain as expansive as possible. Those same policymakers and the Federal Reserve will be keeping an eye on CPI in the United States. MTSI sees Core CPI slightly lower than last month as some other economic indicators (new orders and job openings) showed some weakness. The normal CPI number should be slightly higher with crude oil stablizing at a higher level.
All estimates can be found at the MTSI Estimize page.


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